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Adorable Dawn Patient

All the staff I interacted with was pleasant and professional. The dentist was very knowledgeable and took their time. Everything was thoroughly explained. I never felt rushed. I needed a surprise rout canal and my teeth were extremely sensitive. Due to my sensitivity the process was much longer than it should have been, however they were patient, made sure I was comfortable and helped me through every step of the process. I am very pleased with the service I received.

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Steve Puera Patient

The woman who cared for me was fantastic. She explained everything, made sure I remained comfortable and pain free, and had an excellent and comforting sense of humor.

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Julia DeFulvio Patient

The staff and dentist were very thorough in their explanations of everything from insurance to my teeth. However, the wait was long (a half hour) even though there wasn't more than one other person in the waiting room. My first visit was pleasant. I'm updating my review to one star after my second visit. This is actually the third visit as the first visit (which I was scheduled for a routine exam and cleaning), they told me they wouldn't do a regular cleaning, that I needed a deep cleaning, but that the insurance hadn't yet approved it and I had to split up my cleaning into two separate days. I agreed to this after much explanation and their refusal to do a regular cleaning first. The dentist was very nice and sensitive to my sensitive teeth, however, even with the numbing needle, I could still feel the pain of the deep cleaning she told me she would only perform before she would allow me to schedule a regular routine cleaning, which I cannot get now until after my baby is born. It also cost a lot and the co-payment was more than a regular routine cleaning and x-ray out of pocket. However, my concern is not with the dentist, but with everyone else in the office. I waited for over an hour after my scheduled visit and there was absolutely no one else in the waiting room. While I was in the waiting room, the hygienist whom I've met a total of twice previously, put her hands on my belly and shouted "BABY BOY!" Because last time I told her I was pregnant and it's going to be a GIRL. I couldn't believe it. By the time I was sitting in the chair, an hour had passed alone in the waiting room, and then I sat in the dentist chair for 15 more minutes until anybody started anything. The two hygienists were talking and I could hear her say over and over again, "HE HUNG HIMSELF!" They were chit chatting next to me and I said "Who?" And she said "The dentist I used to work for; his wife was stealing the anesthesia and filling the needles with water so his patients were waking up during their procedures." Very unsettling. Then after my procedure, the hygienist asked me if I had any names picked out for my baby and I said yes and told her. She asked me the middle name and I told her. Her response, "THAT SOUNDS LIKE A HICK NAME!" Like what? Who says that? Weird customer service here. Parking lot is a dangerous, tight, nightmare too. Update: I decided to give them another chance. I got some cavities filled last time I was there. I had never had cavities before in my life and they also did a deep clean which I'd never had before. I just walked out of my appointment because the hygienist said I was missing a filling, and it must have been from when I was a child. Is never had a cavity when I was a child. She said one of us is wrong, but I no longer felt comfortable letting these people touch my teeth again. I will be requesting a full record of all the work I've gotten done there to bring to my old dentist and will pay out of pocket.

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Mario Brown Patient

The dental staff was very welcoming and pleasant. I felt comfortable with their professionalism. Highly recommended.

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Marcie Mays Patient

Dr Mohammad and his team are exceptional. I needed a whole lot of work done and in the last year after many many visits…. I am happy to say that EVERY TIME I had an appointment, I received exceptional care and concern that I was comfortable at all times while in the chair. Sue and other staff including (Claudia in helping me understand billing,) were very supportive and always helpful. I am 60 years of age, and with all the dental work I have had to endure since a child. I felt the most comfortable in all my years with them. I Thank you all for making me feel comfortable and for helping me have a wonderful SMILE!!

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