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Steven Ozer Patient

Dr. Mohammed is a complete quack. My 89-year-old mother had her mouth destroyed here, crowns falling out, bonding material loose and falling out. After spending thousands of dollars, she now needs multiple extractions, a root canal, a filling, and multiple cleanings, from a real dentist. Do yourself a favor and avoid this place. And if you manage to survive his quack dentistry, you'll be lucky to make it out alive from his brutally dangerous parking lot.

Angela Beers Image

Angela Beers Patient

I really like my dentist Dr. Mohammed and the entire staff! I always feel welcome and comfortable. I’ve had 2 crowns since going there and I was very happy with the experience.

Richard Almond Image

Richard Almond Patient

She did a wonderful job on my teeth, just not as personable as I expected judging by her profile, but thats okay...all staff were great, I think it may have been a busy time...Very knowledgeable as well...I look forward to my next appointment....kinda..πŸ™‚ …

Quaniesha Hunter Image

Quaniesha Hunter patient

I had a wonder experience at this location. The reception was very pleasant, the service was fast and easy. The doctor was thorough and took the time to help me understand the entire process. I already feel better about my smile.

Donna Casciato Image

Donna Casciato Patient

First going to the dentist gives me such anxiety that my blood pressure goes sky high and even for a teeth cleaning my eyes are closed and hands are clenched The whole time. Had my teeth cleaned today and she was VERY un compassionate to the point she did not give me a full cleaning, lasted less then 5 minutes. Every single time I go there I supposedly need a crown. Very disappointed and angry

Rushelle Roberts Image

Rushelle Roberts Patient

Dr. Mohamed takes his time, and is very in-tune to his patients needs even without verbal communication. I had an appointment for a dental implant. I had heard horror stories about the pain related to this procedure. However, my experience at Access Dental with Dr. Mohamed was the the exact opposite of what I had heard. I highly recommend this dentist!

Cathie Fasciglione (Mimirocks62) Image

Cathie Fasciglione (Mimirocks62) Patient

Would recommend this practice 100%. The dentist has a very soothing voice and explained everything she did and what was going to happen. She kept me calm. The staff were knowledgeable and extremely friendly. Thank you Cathie Fasciglione

Sarah Haynes Image

Sarah Haynes Patient

Jen the assistant is a beautiful person. The younger dentist rushed through my cleaning, literally was in the room for less then 5 mins, treated me very cold. Like, she obviously hates her job cold. Every other dentist I went though at least fixed the filling to get me out of pain. This one insisted they submit for a root canal first and call me back, and then took down all the information for caps I need that I was never interested in. I do not trust this place to give me a root canal. They didn't even call me back anyway. I gave them a week. For the "cleaning" she handed me a small mirror to look at my teeth while I watched her rush through my cleaning and cut open my front gum. She wants to do that procedure where they clean under the gums, of course submit to insurance. I didn't even want to leave the review until I saw how many people she rushed cleanings with. Don't go here with anxiety πŸ˜•

Matilda Kirksey Image

Matilda Kirksey Patient

It was my first time here n the service was awesome πŸ‘ŒπŸΎI'll definitely go back. N the lady I had was so cool I can't remember her name but I give her 2 thumbs up πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ …

Gary Nelson Image

Gary Nelson Patient

Promptly escorted me to an exam room upon arriving for my scheduled appointment. Did not appreciate the multiple 15 min.+ waiting periods in between being serviced by the dental technician/hygienist and dentist.

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