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Danielle Patient

My 15yrs has a phobia of dentists, I mean terrified..She had to get 2 fillings, we went back into the room where they catered and calmed her down. The Dr knew and took her time with her and made her feel safe .Much appreciated y'all..A big Thank You!

Venidiva Image

Venidiva Patient

Omg, they were fantastic. They got right to the point of what needed to be done, they checked up on me multiple times to make sure I was ok, and genuinely cared about how I was feeling while making sure to get the teeth I needed taken out. I look forward to my next appointment with them!

Courtney Oliver Image

Courtney Oliver Patient

I have extreme anxiety about going to the dentist and from having bad experiences in the past, often times I will get my cleanings and flake out on whatever else needs to be done. When I arrived at Access Dental the staff was very friendly and welcoming. The wait time was very short, I was taken back quickly, cared for and was informed throughly about the next steps I need to take. I left feeling comfortable and confident and ready for the next steps in getting my teeth healthy and corrected!

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Susie Lehman Glatts Patient

Awesome😊. This practice has great dentists and staff.

derek South Philly Image

derek South Philly Patient

I went there in terrible pain. They got me in the very next pain. They had to do dental surgery on both my wisdom teeth. I never had to get them pulled as a kid like a lot of folks have to do. But both of them were shot so it was time to go. They have a stand up xray that does your entire jaw and teeth in literally 3 to 4 seconds. Best images I ever saw. Long story short They got the teeth out stitched me up on both sides and I didn't feel a thing. Hardly felt the numbing shot because they use a topical. Great doctors great staff.

Bryant Harris Image

Bryant Harris Patient

The are a professional group. The speed in which they performed the extractions was incredible!! I have never been in a dentist office and experienced so little pain. Thank you for all you did!! I'll definitely recommend your office to all my friends and family!!

Janine McFadden MA, LPC, CEAP Image

Janine McFadden MA, LPC, CEAP Patient

Great experience receiving a re-fill in and saved my tooth from needing a root canal. My hygentist, cosmetic repair for my cap and dentist were informative and made a less than comfortable experience because of a bit of pain quite bearable. Thank you for the great service and for restoring my teeth. I'm new to the area and I found a new dentist to call home.

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Samantha Coletta patient

Dr. Tom O’Brien is great! When I scheduled my appointment I was told the first session would take about an hour. When I arrived I felt very welcomed. Dr. Tom O’Brien took the time to go over all my issues, history and goals. The process and treatment plan were explained in detail which left me feeling confident about the whole process. Overall I’m extremely satisfied with this office, it’s very welcoming, I was able to schedule an appointment within 48 hours of calling, they play great music, pleasant staff, Dr. O’Brien is exceptionally good at what he does, AND it’s easy parking! If you’re looking for a chiropractor who also incorporates soft tissue work into their practice, look no further!

Genevieve Fullard Image

Genevieve Fullard Patient

I always feel welcomed.Everything is neat and clean. The staff very professional and they take the time to explain every procedure that is required..I got a deep cleaning..

Joey Pastuszek Image

Joey Pastuszek Patient

Told us they accepted our insurance then after the exam said they actually don’t accept it. Told us she only needed one tooth pulled then when time came tried to pull 6. Then told them what antibiotic she was allergic too and still prescribed it anyways. Will never be coming back and encourage others to steer away!

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