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Dr. Anvar Mohammadh Image
Dr. Anvar Mohammadh
Cosmetic Dentistry
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Dr. Neelima Pitchika Image
Dr. Neelima Pitchika
Senior Dentist
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Dr. Deepshikha Kapoor Image
Dr. Deepshikha Kapoor
Senior Dentist
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Marcie Mays Image

Marcie Mays


Dr Mohammad and his team are exceptional. I needed a whole lot of work done and in the last year after many many visits…. I am happy to say tha...

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Mario Brown Image

Mario Brown


The dental staff was very welcoming and pleasant. I felt comfortable with their professionalism. Highly recommended.

Julia DeFulvio Image

Julia DeFulvio


The staff and dentist were very thorough in their explanations of everything from insurance to my teeth. However, the wait was long (a half hour) even...

Steve Puera Image

Steve Puera


The woman who cared for me was fantastic. She explained everything, made sure I remained comfortable and pain free, and had an excellent and comfortin...

Adorable Dawn Image

Adorable Dawn


All the staff I interacted with was pleasant and professional. The dentist was very knowledgeable and took their time. Everything was thoroughly expla...

Joey Pastuszek Image

Joey Pastuszek


Told us they accepted our insurance then after the exam said they actually don’t accept it. Told us she only needed one tooth pulled then when t...

Genevieve Fullard Image

Genevieve Fullard


I always feel welcomed.Everything is neat and clean. The staff very professional and they take the time to explain every procedure that is required..I...

Samantha Coletta Image

Samantha Coletta


Dr. Tom O’Brien is great! When I scheduled my appointment I was told the first session would take about an hour. When I arrived I felt very welc...

Janine McFadden MA, LPC, CEAP Image

Janine McFadden MA, LPC, CEAP


Great experience receiving a re-fill in and saved my tooth from needing a root canal. My hygentist, cosmetic repair for my cap and dentist were inform...

Bryant Harris Image

Bryant Harris


The are a professional group. The speed in which they performed the extractions was incredible!! I have never been in a dentist office and experienced...

derek South Philly Image

derek South Philly


I went there in terrible pain. They got me in the very next pain. They had to do dental surgery on both my wisdom teeth. I never had to get them pulle...

Susie Lehman Glatts Image

Susie Lehman Glatts


Awesome😊. This practice has great dentists and staff.

Courtney Oliver Image

Courtney Oliver


I have extreme anxiety about going to the dentist and from having bad experiences in the past, often times I will get my cleanings and flake out on wh...

Venidiva Image



Omg, they were fantastic. They got right to the point of what needed to be done, they checked up on me multiple times to make sure I was ok, and genui...

Danielle Image



My 15yrs has a phobia of dentists, I mean terrified..She had to get 2 fillings, we went back into the room where they catered and calmed her down...

Gary Nelson Image

Gary Nelson


Promptly escorted me to an exam room upon arriving for my scheduled appointment. Did not appreciate the multiple 15 min.+ waiting periods in between b...

Matilda Kirksey Image

Matilda Kirksey


It was my first time here n the service was awesome 👌🏾I'll definitely go back. N the lady I had was so cool I can't remember her name but I...

Sarah Haynes Image

Sarah Haynes


Jen the assistant is a beautiful person. The younger dentist rushed through my cleaning, literally was in the room for less then 5 mins, treated me ve...

Cathie Fasciglione (Mimirocks62) Image

Cathie Fasciglione (Mimirocks62)


Would recommend this practice 100%. The dentist has a very soothing voice and explained everything she did and what was going to happen. She kept me c...

Rushelle Roberts Image

Rushelle Roberts


Dr. Mohamed takes his time, and is very in-tune to his patients needs even without verbal communication. I had an appointment for a dental implant. I...

Donna Casciato Image

Donna Casciato


First going to the dentist gives me such anxiety that my blood pressure goes sky high and even for a teeth cleaning my eyes are closed and hands are c...

Quaniesha Hunter Image

Quaniesha Hunter


I had a wonder experience at this location. The reception was very pleasant, the service was fast and easy. The doctor was thorough and took the time...

Richard Almond Image

Richard Almond


She did a wonderful job on my teeth, just not as personable as I expected judging by her profile, but thats okay...all staff were great, I think it ma...

Angela Beers Image

Angela Beers


I really like my dentist Dr. Mohammed and the entire staff! I always feel welcome and comfortable. I’ve had 2 crowns since going there and I was...

Steven Ozer Image

Steven Ozer


Dr. Mohammed is a complete quack. My 89-year-old mother had her mouth destroyed here, crowns falling out, bonding material loose and falling out. Afte...


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